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Paulus Quiros - Signature Feature


  • A signature feature of our bikes is the hand crafted stainless steel plate between the seat stays and the top tube. We were pleased that this was much admired at the Bespoked Bristol Bike show (2011) and a number of possible names were suggested to us including mosquito and dragonfly (we quite like the name “Dragonfly” because of the Welsh connection even though its only has one pair of wings). It gives us great pride that so many people feel this is one of the most elegant solutions to this junction of the tubes at this point.


  • We place a high value on the performance of the bike and believe there is no reason why this cannot be achieved at the same time as producing an elegant bicycle built to last.


Paulus Qurios - Design Process


  • We like to spend time with our customers to find out what they want from their bicycle, whether it is important to have the reassuring stability associated with the classic touring bike geometry or whether nimble and lively handling is required. There are an almost infinite number of variations.


  • Frames can have different levels of rigidity depending on their design and the materials they are constructed from. Those involved in racing may specify a particularly rigid frame in order that the minimum possible power is lost through frame flexion. On the other hand a small amount of flexibility can have impact absorbing properties and result in a more pleasant ride.


  • We are a small company and each customer is very important to us. You will know who is building your frame and you will be able to discuss with them exactly what you are hoping for. Each bike has its own individual stainless steel signature plate and serial number.


  • The design process is very exciting and it is extremely rewarding for us to work with you to design and build your bike. We are yards from a beautiful sea-front cycling path and Carmarthen boasts the oldest velodrome in Wales (c 1900) both of which are perfect for testing out your new bike.


Paulus Quiros - Materials


  • Since the origin of the bicycle, steel has been the material of excellence. It has been bent, shaped, forged, brazed & welded to offer an immense heritage of design that no other modern material can match.


  • There are huge advantages to using steel over other materials. The modern steels available today provide you with the power to decide the final feel and behaviour of your bicycle. With steel it is possible to avoid the problems of brittleness or early fatigue failure seen with some materials.


  • Traditional steel frames have predictable performance and high safety margins. The majority of steel frames can be adapted, repaired, updated or refinished throughout their long life.


  • We believe steel provides us with the maximum degree of flexibility for our bike designs. Not only are there a wide range of steels available, all with varying mechanical properties, but there are also a wide variety of tube shapes and sizes available, including butted and oversized tubing.


  • Our steel bicycle frames can be TIG welded, fillet brazed or lugged and silver brazed.


  • We use stainless steel dropouts, bosses and braze-ons as standard. These areas must be designed to withstand the effects of locking nuts/washers or bolts in order to prevent premature rusting. You can specify whatever material or design you want and we use a number of bridges, bosses and cable guides which are unique to our bikes because we are able make them in-house to our own design.


Paulus Quiros - Attention to detail


  • We have a sincere passion for the bicycles we produce and we take a great deal of pride in our work. Considerable care is taken to carefully select the best possible materials and components.


  • We believe in pain-staking attention to detail from the initial design to the final finish. This process of meticulous bike construction, working to tight tolerances, can never produce a high turnover but we find there is great satisfaction in producing the very best bike we can make.


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Visit us:    The Old Pilot House. Pilot House wharf. Swansea SA1 1UN.




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