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Bike Fit

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We believe a competent bike fit is a prerequisite for a good bike.

The design process

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We design each bike from scratch, We are not restricted by the traditional approach of prescribed geometries for each style of cycling and we do not use third party software to produce automated designs. We believe our method gives us the greatest freedom to achieve an exact bespoke design. This is only possible if you understand the principle behind bike fits and have knowledge of the engineering principles underlying bike handling and frame design.

The build process

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We are meticulous about the tolerences we work to and your frame is checked for alignmant through out it's build. From tube selection to the final coat of laquer every step of your bike build is done inhouse and to exacting standards

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A Unique Skill Set.



Every cyclist is unique and we believe every bike we make needs to reflect this. In order to design and build a bespoke bike for a cyclist we believe the following are an advantage:


  • The experience necessary to assess riding style.

  • Knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics.

  • Experience and training in Bike-Fit.

  • In depth knowledge of the properties and behaviour of the metals used in the construction process.

  • The engineering knowledge necessary to understand bicycle handling and performance in order to individually design frames.

  • The experience gained with time and training to fabricate a frame to a high standard.

  • Meticulous attention to detail.


At Paulus Quiros we are extremely fortunate in that we have the knowledge, skills and experience to allow a fully unique and comprehensive approach to the assessment of each cyclist and to the design of their bespoke bike. This is why the design, construction and performance of our bikes stand out from the crowd.


We Do Not Delegate The Fit Or Use Automated Third Party Design Programs


Here at Paulus Quiros we take a different approach. We like to design each bike from first principles and to consider every variable, in particular their effect on the bike's performance and handling. We do not favour putting figures into a computer program and accepting as gospel an arbitrary result. A design must take into account an immense number of individual variations and personal preferences; we have yet to see a computer program that on it's own could achieve this level of personalisation.


We also believe in learning from the experience of previous generations of frame builders but we do not restrict ourselves to the traditional approach of prescribed geometries for each style of cycling. Equally, although we do design with computer, we do not use automated bike design software (which is extremely popular and used by a large number of frame builders). We believe that our individualistic method gives us the greatest freedom to achieve an exact bespoke design and ultimately we think the frame-builder should have a good understanding of the design process. We design from scratch, and can enter our CAD designs into the bespoke Finite Element Analysis Software that we have developed in conjunction with Swansea University in order to produce the best possible results.


Some of our customers, who live a long distance away or abroad, have a fitting performed locally by a competent bike fitter. Other customers, who are very satisfied with their present riding position, simply want this replicated. We are happy to accommodate both these scenarios and to build to these precise existing bike fits. However our approach is meticulous, each fit and design has compromises that need to made; we believe that it is only by having a full understanding of the entire process that we are able to optimise the bike design.



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