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Signature Frames

Our Signature frames are not only some of our most popular frame designs but they also represent a select collection of unique bike designs, each of which is highly individual and each of which reflects our approach to frame design and bike construction. 

The Groundbreaker

Also nick named the "Bat Bike"

This Bike was primarily designed for Dom Irvine and the  Tour Divide 2018

the pike

This unique frame is best known as a fixie following its debut at The British Handmade Bike Show in 2011. An excellent town bike that is also available with hub gears or derailleur.

953 Sports

Combining polishing, etching and finely masked paintwork to produce a unique elegant finish. Whilst these frames are incredibly light, that misses the point, it is still extremely hard to beat the combination of ride quality and performance of 1 inch frames.


700x 650c

If you are fed up with a poor riding position, toe overlap,  weird steering geometry and handling, not to mention an overly rigid frame; then we think you will like our approach to smaller frames.

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