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Every Bike Design Must Start With the Rider

We believe that the time spent at the outset, with each owner, is the most important phase of any design process. Whether you are a Racing Cyclist, Experienced Club Rider, Expedition Cyclist or Commuter, we will spend time to discover exactly what you need and want.

We will provide as much or as little advice as necessary.

A Bike Fit for Purpose

Each bike has a purpose. Whether it's for a race, expedition or an

audax, your bike's design and specification needs to reflect this purpose. We believe a bike's  handling and ride quality are of paramount importance and only if these are considered from the outset of the design process will the ideal combination be achieved.

The Importance of Bike Fit

Your riding position needs to be as efficient and comfortable as is possible; not only suited to your size, shape and flexibility but also appropriate to your riding style and your chosen discipline of cycling. Your riding position will affect the handling of your bike and therefore is as important as the choice of geometry and material.


Everyone will have their own ideas concerning the aesthetic appearance of their bike and we work hard to achieve the exact finish you are looking for. We have achieved finishes ranging from minimally understated to extravagantly flamboyant depending on our clients design brief .

The Build Process

Only once we are satisfied that we have fully understood your requirements, do we start the meticulous process of designing and building your bike. 

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Unlike many frame-builders, we do not use automated frame design software or adhere to prescribed frame designs. This is why the design, construction and performance of our bikes stand out from the crowd.
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