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A Truly Bespoke Bicycle

We design each bike from scratch, We are not restricted by the traditional approach of prescribed geometries for each style of cycling and we do not use third party software to produce automated designs. We believe our method gives us the greatest freedom to achieve an exact bespoke design.  This is only possible if you have an in-depth understanding of the principles underlying bike fit and have knowledge of the engineering principles underlying bike handling and frame design.

An Evidence Based Design

By applying our knowledge of the design principles of Motor Sport Engineering and using a scientific approach we make every effort to optimise the performance of each bike resulting in the best possible design for the rider. Our work with Professor Peric of Swansea University's Engineering Department to develop our Finite Element Analysis Software has allowed us to have a better understanding of frame performance.

Assessing the Design

Although we design with computer, we do not use automated bike design software (which is extremely popular and used by a large number of frame builders). We believe that our individualistic method gives us the greatest freedom to achieve an exact bespoke design and ultimately we think the frame-builder should have a good understanding of the design process. We design from scratch, and can enter our CAD designs into the bespoke Finite Element Analysis Software that we have developed in conjunction with Swansea University in order to produce the best results. Only when we are completely satisfied with the design will we begin your build.


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